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Anyang city yong an electromagnetic technology co., LTD(Formerly anyang city yong an electromagnet manufacturing co., LTD)Was established1987Years,Is a joint-stock enterprise with independent legal person property,Mainly design and manufacture many series hydraulic electromagnet for valve。Enterprise since its inception,In order to“Service users,The benefit of employees,To give back to society”For the purpose of the factory,In line with“Quality achievement tomorrow,Sincere return to the user”The management idea,Has production capacity30Pieces of production capacity,Electromagnet manufacturing technology and inspection means to achieve the domestic advanced level。Companies with strong scientific research、Development、Production capacity and perfect quality assurance,Products are widely used in machine tools

    According to attract the coil voltage is different,Electromagnet can be divided into ac electromagnet and dc electromagnet.  &nb
Basic knowledge of electromagnet   Electromagnet is a electric solenoid with iron core,Size of magnet magnetic and electric current is associated with the number of turns of solenoid。Magnets to the original work
The technology and application of electromagnet points the following one、Electromagnet is very important in the position in the industry,Is a kind of basic electrical appliances,Is called for“Electrical appliances******”。The continuous development of magnets and iron removal equipment market and the competition
  When the coil current,Core and armature be magnetized,Be opposite polarity magnet,Electromagnetic attraction between them。The reaction force of the spring when the suction is greater than the,Armature started toward the core direction。When the line
Application category:1、Musical Instruments:Slot machines of various currency converter2、Vending machines:All kinds of vending machine coin changer machines3、Office equipment:Computer equipment list machine fax machine punch machine register plotter photocopier typewriters
A、Overview   Internal with iron core、Use make it like a magnet coil of a current with magnetic device called the electromagnet(electromagn

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