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Focus on research and development Packaging standard

Professional research and development、Processing production buffer gas column bag、Excellent imported good
Plastic raw materials,Technology research and development team with many years of industry experience
Packaging design is novel、Beautiful and practical,To help you create higher product image

Advanced equipment Ensure the quality

Possess many sets of advanced equipment,Just to produce more professional plastic packaging products
Each link are strictly controlled,In strict accordance with the production process of production,From raw material to test
Product,Strict controls of product quality

The big four
Tailor Meet the demand

According to customer requirements,Products tailored to the customers,With a series of solutions,
Supply stability,Fast delivery cycle,Product variety is complete
Advanced buffer inflatable air column bag equipment and process,To satisfy the electronic product packaging
The actual demand

After-sale protection Free consultation

Self-built logistics professional team to ensure delivery,Delivery on time,Timely delivery
After-sales team,Throughout the year24Hours,Guarantee2Hours to respond
Product quality problems to return for free


Dielectric joy or yue company 28 games salt

Dongguan yue packing material co., LTD is a specialized research and development、Processing production packaging buffer inflatable air column bag、Supermarket vegetables anti-fog bag、PEAnti-fog bag、ppAnti-fog bag、Various anti-fog bag。Anti-fog bag clearly see vegetables products to clients,Can't afford to bag on the surface of the mist,Images can be compared,Common industrial bag、Pearl cotton bags、Alien pearl cotton、3mGlue、The silicone MATS、Double-sided adhesive, etc。

PCBVacuum packaging film,With excellent imported plastic raw materials,And advanced vacuum packaging film blown film equipment and process,Joint circuit boards and other electronic products, the actual demand of vacuum moisture-proof packaging,To usPCBVacuum packaging film,Good market reputation。

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Anti-fog plastic bags is a frequently used in product packaging materials,In baby products、Women for the cosmetics industry...
The main purpose of the plastic bag is used for items, easy to transport,At the same time also has a lot of use in terms of the flood-fighting disaster relief...
Vegetables anti-fog bag is chosen by sheet、Plate material or plastic film,In a moist environment...
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