Linyi jinfeng wood industry is a professional engaged inBuilding film face plywood manufacturers selling,The main production and operation of ecological board、Multilayer furniture plate、Thick solid wood core board、Building templates!Companies introduce advanced ecological board production process,The choose and buy of from raw material to finished product output,In strict accordance with the quality system standard control。For the product processing and production cengcengbaguan,Strict inspection,Every procedure of the production workshop are equipped with professional and technical personnel supervision and control over the quality of machining,Products in strict accordance with national standards and user requirements for production,The company's products are mainly for tsuen wan、Healthy environmental protection、Waterproof、Moisture proof、Insect-resistant、Mouldproof、Resistance required。Good long、High strength、Flex resistance、Resistance to deformation、Pattern texture clear、Colour is gorgeous、Easy to install、Good processability。...For more details

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