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        The pebbles
        Sand rock
        Lidan class
        Special classes
        Limestone with small stone
        Culture stone
        The pebbles

Laiyang lei stone lightFactory was establishedIn1986Years,Is located inBeautiful lai Yang city in shandong provinceThe transportation is convenient,Transportation developed。Now has senior mining、Processing professionals,Strict management system,Strong technical force and advanced production equipment,Is the collection mining、Stone processing、Product sales for the integration of large-scale professional shi caihang。

The main products of the companyThere is:All kinds of sandstone,Marble、Granite、The pebbles。Exclusive production and sales:White sandstone、Yellow sandstone、Yellow wood sandstone、Gray green sandstone、Gray sandstone、Violet arenaceous rock、Purple grained sandstone、Red sandstone、Double color sandstone;And the production tables in the parkThe swimming poolThe stone steps、The capstone、Curved plates、The vase column、The vase、The ball、Column、Stone carvings, etc all kinds of special shape stone。

The products of the companyExported to Europe and the United States、Japan、South Korea、Taiwan, and other dozens of countries and regions,Annual sales in the50Million square meters。The company"High quality products、EnterpriseHeavyCredibility"的Business philosophy to winWon the domestic and foreign customersWidelyHigh praise。

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