Jingmen vage industrial co., LTD fully rely on sinopec jingmen branch company of geographical advantages and talent advantage,Since2000In the specialty is engaged in the research and development of various kinds of wax products、Production、Sales, 2009Wax received food production license and hygiene license,Is a unit of China petrochemical wax ten best partners;2006Years,In the east industrial park,Located in the two wide high-speed jingmen north entrance, Covers an area of 35000?, With office building、Product research and development center、6Total building standardization workshop 21000Yu?, The scale in the field of paraffin wax and specialty wax industry among the top。
           Focused on creating value,Professional help;More than ten years,The company has been committed to research and development of paraffin wax and specialty wax series products,2012In research and development of car chassis antirust wax,To obtain the national patent,To fill the gaps in the domestic in the field of special wax production。2013In the introduction of automatic production line for food wax,To build the most advancedGMPThe production workshop,Production of food grade paraffin wax、Food grade microcrystalline wax100Tons。2014In explosive special compound wax production line formally put into production......
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